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Is 3 CM Kidney Cyst Severe

2014-03-07 15:13

Is 3 CM Kidney Cyst Severe?Healthy problem is a hot issue in modern society. At present, the Kidney Cyst disease has been concerned by many people. Is 3 cm kidney cyst severe? Through the following article, you can get a clear answer.

In general, if the kidney cyst is less than 4 cm in length, there is no need to take a medical treatment. What you need to do is to remain a regular examination. Besides, avoiding over-work, doing exercise and keeping a healthy diet are necessary to prevent the enlargement of kidney cysts.

But when some complications such as severe back pain, flank pain, or changes in urine appear, you should take a medical treatment to stop the worsening of condition.

One treatment is surgery.

Though surgery can excise the cysts in the kidney, it may cause some side effects like various infections on the body. Also, surgery will bring pains and scars to patients.

Another treatment is Chinese herbal medicine.

Chinese herbal medicine is natural and has no obvious side effects on human body. Also, this treatment is an external therapy without surgery.

Doctors choose the different medicines according to the patients’ condition. After smashing completely, Chinese herbal medicines are put into bags and soaked some penetrating fluid. With the help of osmosis device, the active ingredients can be released fully to get into the kidney area through the lower back.

This treatment needs patients to lie in bed to take treatment. During the treatment, patients can do some relaxing things like listening soft music, seeing a fun movie or chanting with families. So this therapy is a convenient and comfortable treatment.

Though 3cm kidney cyst is not severe, you should take a medical treatment when some common symptoms occur. We sincerely hope that you can get rid of the disease and live a happy life early.

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