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Can Patients with 2.7cm Cyst in the Right Kidney be Treated

2014-03-07 15:10

Can Patients with 2.7cm Cyst in the Right Kidney be Treated?Can patients with 2.7 cm cyst in the right kidney be treated? What should they do? Let’s find the treatment for this disease.

Regular inspection

Generally speaking, for the small kidney cyst less than 4 cm patients don’t have to do treatment as long as they haven’t some symptoms like back pain, flank pain, blood urine, and high blood pressure. But they need to check regularly and observe whether the cysts are continuing to enlarge.

Patients without any symptoms should do the inspection of urine. Besides, for the time of renal function examination, experts advise patients to do examination once every six months to a year.

Use an effective treatment

Speaking of the effective therapy for treating 2.7 cm kidney cyst in the right kidney, Chinese herbal medicine may be your good choice. This treatment has been applied to Hot Compress Therapy for more than 2000 years. The natural herbal medicine has the function of reinforcing qi and nourishing blood, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, enhancing immune system.

Up to now, herbal medicine has been used to a treatment of 2.7 cm cyst in the right kidney or other kidney diseases. It can reach the goal of shrinking kidney cyst and improving renal function by expanding capsule wall cells to avoid the oppression of cyst, cleaning the blood, removing the excess water or other toxins from the body, restoring the kidney lesion and enhancing the kidney function gradually.

Before treatment, patients need to lie in the bed where put two bags filled with herbal medicine. The active ingredient will act on the kidney through renal area.

During treatment, patients can feel the immediate curative effects such as sweaty, comfort, warm, good appetite etc.

After treatment, the carful nurse can help patients wipe the sweat on the lower back to avoid catching a cold. After that, patients with high creatinine level 2.7 are able to get out of bed freely without any pains.

As a result, hot compress therapy has been receive the good reputation of many patients with high creatinine level. Any follow-up questions? Do not hesitate to consult us by emailing: You are surely to get an instant reply.

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