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Is Cortical Cyst Dangerous

2014-03-13 09:10

Is Cortical Cyst DangerousCortical cyst refers to fluid-filled sac growing in renal cortex, which is kidney functioning tissues. For this reason, abnormal mass is more likely to affect kidney function. Is cortical cyst dangerous for people?

Generally speaking, if patients only have one or two kidney cysts and these cysts are still small in size, cortical cyst isn’t dangerous for these patients. Furthermore, in most cases, patients with cortical cyst doesn’t realize they have it, because they don’t have any symptom or discomfort. Some patients indeed find they have small isolated cortical cyst in the test for other conditions.

However, once too many kidney cysts develop in renal cortex or one of them becomes bigger than 3-4 cm, cortical cyst may become dangerous. This is because these cortical cysts are beyond the capacity of kidneys and can cause some serious complications, including:

- Back pain or flank pain

- Urinary tract infections

- Frequent or painful urination

- Kidney damage

- Sepsis

- Blood in urine

If you have one or more symptoms the above mentioned, you should make clear the underlying causes and accept effective treatments immediately. The following treatments may be helpful for you.

1. Aspiration: This treatment is taken to drain sac fluid with a long needle. Then, some substances containing alcohol are filled into empty sac, so as to reduce the recurrence rate of renal cortical cyst.

2. Decortication: This surgery is recommended when the renal cyst is located on the surface of kidneys, because it can remove the cyst directly.

3. Traditional Chinese Medicine: Through eliminating sac fluid via urine and inhibiting fluid from filling into cyst, some effective Chinese medicines do help manage cortical cyst safely. Besides, this therapy can also help protect the remaining kidney tissues.

No matter which treatment you are interested, you had better have a detailed understanding about them. This can guarantee your safety and kidney health largely.

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