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Treatment for 8 cm Cyst in Kidney Other Than Surgery

2014-03-16 10:09

Treatment for 8 cm Cyst in Kidney Other Than SurgeryWhen patients’ kidney cyst is about 7-8 cm, it will compress its surrounding kidney tissues. Besides, patients may also suffer from some obvious symptoms: back pain, urinary tract infections or hematuria. For elderly patients, they can’t help asking treatment for 8 cm cyst in kidney other than surgery.

How about the answer?

If you are still young, we may prefer patients with 8 cm kidney cyst to get aspiration or decortication. The reason is that the surgery can remove the big kidney cyst directly to ease patients’ symptoms quickly. However, any surgery may cause some side effects such as bleeding and pain. What’s worse, empty sac may be filled with fluid again.

For middle aged and elderly patients, no one wants to bear side effect of surgery, and they would like to accept some natural and painless treatment. Fortunately, doctors at PKD Clinic don’t make them disappointed.

Is there another treatment for 8 cm kidney cyst other than surgery?

The answer is yes. According to the characteristics of kidney cyst, doctors find some Chinese medicines, applied externally, and its auxiliary therapies can help shrinking kidney cysts. Through improving the circulation of blood vessels within cystic walls, more and more sac fluid can be reabsorbed by blood circulation and discharged out via urine.

During the whole treatment, patients only need to lie in bed, and the process is comfortable and easy. Generally, after about two or three weeks, patients can find their abdomen becomes soften, because their kidney cyst shrinks largely. Furthermore, some other medications are taken to prevent the recurrence of kidney cyst. However, compared with surgery, this therapy needs a longer time to work.

If you have patience, we recommend patients with 8 cm kidney cyst to use external application Chinese medicines. Otherwise, they can choose surgery.

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