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Treatments Available For Simple Kidney Cysts

2013-03-27 15:30

Simple kidney cyst is the most common renal cystic disease which can affect one or both kidneys. The exact cause is unknown and it has some link with age. About 50% renal cyst patients will have at least one cyst in their kidney and the incidence will increase to 90% among those that are above their 70s.

Usually simple kidney cysts do not require special treatment except regular check-ups. However if the cyst is large enough to cause symptoms such as back pain, infections, blood in urine, proper treatments should be sought.

At present, treatment options that are available for kidney cysts are as follows.

Symptomatic treatment

When the cyst is larger than 3cm, it can cause high blood pressure, back pain, frequent urinary tract infections, therefore patients need to have proper medicines and drugs such as high blood pressure drugs, antibiotics, pain medicines to alleviate these symptoms and discomforts.

Needle puncture

If the cyst is too large to be controlled by medicines, the doctor may suggest needle puncture in which a fine needle will be inserted into the cysts through the skin to drain the cyst fluid out and then alcohol will be injected to harden the affected tissues.

Laparoscopic decortication

It is minimal invasive surgery in which several small incisions will be made through which a too will enter into the body under the guidance of video to cut or burn away the cyst wall so as to remove the cyst.

Chinese medicines

Chinese medicines do not take effects so quickly as surgeries, but it can gradually shrink the cysts and the recurrent rate is much reduced. It is more suitable for the elderly patients.

Regular checkups

Whether you have received treatment or not, it is necessary to have periodic follow-up checks to see if the cyst continues to become larger and is the kidney function affected by the cyst so as to help monitor the illness progression and also as an evaluation of the treatment effects.

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