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Cortical Cyst on Left Kidney : Treatments and Symptoms

2013-07-29 16:01

Cortical Cyst on Left KidneyRenal cortical cysts are cysts that are found in the position of kidney called cortex. These fluid-filled sac can grow in one or both of the kidneys. Today, we mainly talk about symptoms and treatments of cortical cyst on left kidney.

Symptoms of cortical cyst on left kidney

Simple cortical cysts are usually noncancerous so many sufferers go through their life without knowing they have them, that is to say, if these cysts are small and don’t spread to right kidney, patients may not have any symptom. If one cortical cyst on left kidney grows too big or ruptures, the sufferer may have the following symptoms:

● Back pain or kidney pain

● Urinary tract infections

● High blood pressure

● Burning sensation while urinating

● Hematuria or blood in urine

If you are diagnosed with this cyst and have one or more symptoms of cortical cyst on left kidney, you had better take some treatments to control your condition. If not, these sacs may lead to irreversible damage to the kidney.

Treatments of cortical cyst on left kidney

At present, there are mainly two effective treatments for renal cortical cyst: surgery and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. They are suitable for different patients, because both of them have advantages and disadvantages.

Surgery is commonly used to remove big renal cysts, but it can do nothing to small ones. When one of patients’ cysts grows too big, they can use to surgery to remit their condition quickly, but during the surgery, patients may have some risks such as infections and bleeding. In addition, removing big cysts give the small ones more places to grow that can easily cause the relapse of patients’ condition.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, compared with surgery, is a conservative treatment and focuses on all cysts without any side effect. With the help of many herbal medicines, this treatment indeed has an obvious benefit of shrinking fluid-filled cyst, but this process may need a little longer time than surgery. Therefore, the person who decides to use this treatment should be more patient.

In one word, when symptoms of cortical cyst on left kidney remind you to take prompt treatment, you should choose more suitable treatment according to your specific condition.

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