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How to Solve 1.6*1.2 cm Cortical Cyst

2014-04-22 00:44

How to Solve 1.6*1.2 cm Cortical CystIf you happen to be a patient with PKD, you must wanna know the effective treatment to treat renal cyst. How to solve 1.6*1.2 cm cortical cyst? If you continue to read on the following article, I am sure that you can find the answer easily.

What’s the meaning of 1.6*1.2 cm cortical cyst?

1.6*1.2 cm cortical cyst means that your renal cortex has been severely damaged and exists a sac filled with liquid in your kidney. Once the cortical cyst enlarges, it will oppresses your kidney and you renal function can’t work normally. At the early stage, patients have no obvious symptoms. But with the expansion of cortical cyst, some common symptoms such as back pain, high blood pressure, blood in urine and proteinuria will occur gradually. Therefore, if you don’t adopt a timely treatment for kidney cyst, your illness condition can pose a heavy threat to your life.

How to solve 1.6*1.2 cm cortical cyst effectively?

Speaking of treating cortical cyst, I would like to recommend you the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is the excellent combination of western osmosis devices and natural traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). During the treatment, the active ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine can be released completely to act on the injured kidney and improve the renal function gradually.

Through a comprehensive treatment, your injured kidney can be restored, the toxins in the body can be removed, your damaged internal kidney lesion can be repaired. What’s more, this therapy can help you to improve the quantity of your life.

If you are interested in this green therapy for shrinking 1.6*1.2 cm cortical cyst and enhancing kidney function, welcome to send e-mail to Our kidney experts will answer you timely.

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