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How to Shrink 7.7 cm Renal Cyst on the Left Kidney

2014-04-22 00:43

How to shrink 7.7 renal cyst on the left kidneyHow to shrink 7.7 cm renal cyst on the left kidney? Please look at the following dialogue.

Q: Dear sir, I have a 7.7 cm renal cyst on my left kidney. My doctor suggest me doing surgery to excise the cyst. But I am afraid of operation due to the pains and scars. Could you do me a favor and give me some practical advice?

A: I feel sympathy for your illness condition. For 7.7 cm renal cyst on your left kidney, luckily, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help you to get rid of adopting surgery. Without surgery and oral medicine. You just need to lie in a bed and take this treatment. It is very comfortable and just like a massage.

Q: What’s the function of this therapy?

A: This natural treatment has the following effects: extending blood vessels, removing blood stasis, eliminating inflammation, cutting down the growth of cyst, repairing kidney lesion, enhancing immunity, promoting blood circulation, cleaning the toxins and waste products, shrinking renal cyst and improving your kidney function.

Q: Does this therapy has some side effects like other therapies?

A: The answer is “no”! It is a therapy which is based on the natural and nontoxic Chinese medicine but used externally. Therefore, it has fewer side effects on your body.

Q: How much need I to pay for this treatment for kidney cyst?

A: The expend of the treatment depend on your illness condition. Our doctors will select different medicine according to the individual condition. As a result, the cost is different. But the price of medicine is reasonable and moderate.

From the above conversation, we can know the micro-Chinese medicine has no obvious side effects on the human body to shrink 7.7 cm renal cyst. If you want to more advice, please contact our online doctor. They will give you the detailed advice according to your illness condition.

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