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What Medicine Can Shrink Renal Cysts

2014-05-13 07:29

What Medicine Can Shrink Renal CystsWhat medicine can shrink renal cysts? This is a widespread concern. Don’t worry! Today, you can find the answer from the following content.

Renal cyst is a disease which appears cysts full of liquid in the renal tissues. For the treatment of renal cysts, western medicine has less effect on the illness.

Western medicine can play the function of removing toxins and waste product effectively to eliminate the existence of harmful substance. Though the western medicine can help you to control the growth of renal cysts, it still shows the weakness of shrinking renal cysts. Hence, western medicine can’t help you to treat renal cysts from the root.

How about Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM)?

In order to avoid the enlargement of kidney cysts Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be used in shrinking and controlling renal cyst.

Traditional Chinese medicine has the magic functions of removing the blood stasis and inflammation. Therefore, if we can combinate the western medicine with traditional Chinese medicine, we can receive the good curative effect.

Through the detoxification function of western medicine, and the Chinese medicines’ function of eliminating stasis, shrinking renal cyst and improving the renal function can be achieved successfully.

By external treatment of osmosis therapy, the toxic side effects can be avoided. With the guidance of osmosis therapy, the active ingredient can be released to the renal area through the contact with the lower back.

In general, this treatment just needs 45 minutes per time. During the treatment, patients can lie in bed, doing some relaxing things such as listening music, watching a funny movie, chatting with the family to relax themselves.

After treatment, the careful nurses will help you to wipe off the sweat from the lower back to avoid colds. And patients can get out of bed freely without any pain. So it is a natural and safe therapy without any pains and side effects.

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