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Can Herbs be Success in Treating Large Simple Kidney Cysts

2014-05-14 09:18

Herbs are considered as the treasure of treating many diseases in China. Can herbs be success in treating large simple kidneys cysts? No matter you have this renal disease, or your relative suffer from the same situation, I believe you can find the hope in the following content.

Can Herbs be Success in Treating Large Simple Kidney Cysts?

What’s the simple kidney cyst?

Kidney cyst, also called renal cyst. It is one of the renal disease which has many fluid-filled cysts in the kidneys. These renal cysts have different sizes and shapes.

Generally speaking, if these renal cysts are less than 4cm, patients can control the enlargement by the help of diet and examination if they have no obvious symptoms.

But if the kidney cysts are more than 4cm, the enlarged renal cysts can oppress the surrounding kidney tissues, damaging the organs and kidneys, causing some symptoms such as back pain or kidney pain, high blood pressure, high creatinine levels, kidney stone, hematuria or blood in urine, urinary tract infections and so on.

In this case, patients need to adopt an effective treatment to control the growth of renal cysts and prevent worsening the illness condition.

How to shrink the renal cysts?

The root reason causing the renal cyst is that the injured kidneys can’t play the normal function due to the damage. Therefore, restoring the renal function can removing the accumulation of the toxins in the body are vital for treating the renal cyst.

Chinese herbs can be used in treating simply renal cysts.

Some Chinese herbs such as medlar and ginseng have been proved that they have unexceptionable curative effects of removing blood stasis and waste products. Also they can help you achieve the goals of inhibiting the secretion of cystic liquid, increasing the permeability of capsule wall, decreasing the oppression of renal cysts, restoring the renal lesions, rebuilding the environment of kidney, blocking the renal fibrosis and improving the immunity to fight against the toxins.

Through the above introduction, you may have a general understanding about the Chinese herbs of treating large simple kidney cysts. You are welcome to send e-mail to if you encounter into any questions at any time.

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