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How to Treat 1.1 cm Renal Cyst in the Left Kidney

2014-05-23 06:06

How to Treat 1.1 cm Renal Cyst in the Left KidneyRenal cyst is a troublesome disease in the renal disease. How to treat 1.1 cm renal cyst in the left kidney? A female asked. Now, let’s find out the answer from the following content.

The reasons causing 1.1 cm renal cyst in the left kidney

Congenital dysplasia.

Genetic mutations.

Various infections.

Toxins including some medicine.

Bad habit of lifestyle.

The treatment of 1.1 cm renal cyst in the left kidney

For 1.1 cm renal cyst, patients should keep a balanced and scientific diet.

In the daily diet, low salt and low fat diet are recommended to you.

You know, too much salt will lead to high blood pressure, which is the common complication in the renal disease. Excess fat will increase the burden of kidneys and aggravate the illness condition. So keeping low salt and low fat are vital for control illness.

Rich vitamins diet

Consuming some foods containing vitamin A, vitamin B2 and vitamin C. These foods such as carrots, apples, cabbage, cucumber, tomato and so on.

controlling the intake of water.

In order to prevent the happening of swelling or edema, patients need to control the intake of water. In general, 500~1000ml of water per day is okay for patients.

Doing exercise regular

Some gentle exercise like walking, jogging, Tai Chi, gymnastics, etc are beneficial to the illness condition. The soft exercise can help you to stretch your muscles and activate the blood.

Another natural treatment

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be used to shrink renal cysts and improve the kidney function from the root.

This is the latest therapy which adopt the advanced osmosis device and traditional Chinese herbs but used externally. Luckily, patients don’t have to take medicine or do surgery. What they need to do is lying in bed to take treatment.

For 1.1 cm renal cyst in the left kidney, patients can use the above natural therapies to treat it. I sincerely hope that you can regain health and live a normal life.

Good luck!

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