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What Should I Concern When I Am Pregnant With Renal Cyst

2014-06-18 00:24

What Should I Concern When I Am Pregnant With Renal CystAlmost every girl wants to have a baby after getting married. However, for those who are diagnosed with renal cysts, they worry about whether their condition is suitable for pregnancy. Well then, what should be the concerns when they are pregnant with renal cysts?

Firstly, you should know that there are two types of kidney cysts: Simple kidney cysts and complex kidney cysts. Simple kidney cyst is usually not cancerous and cause no symptoms. If you have simple kidney cyst, you do not need to worry about the pregnancy. On the contrary, complex will cause some symptoms or complications. What’s more, it is normally inherited. If you have complex renal cyst, you should have a test to check the sizes of the cysts to prevent them from enlarging or being infected, because this result is very dangerous.

Conditions where pregnancy is not OK

- Uncontrolled high blood pressure: If the blood pressure level is higher than 150/100mmHg, you are not recommended to give birth to a baby, because you are easy to have pregnant hypertensive syndrome, which is possible cause renal failure.

- Heavy proteinuria or hematuria: Pregnancy will decrease the level of albumin in blood, leading to severe swelling. And the blood volume becomes high, which will cause high blood pressure and even heart failure.

- Renal function deficiency: If the cysts have damaged the kidney function, pregnancy will burden the kidney and cause further injury. Therefore, for those whose kidney function has been affected, they are not OK to be pregnant.

Tips for pregnant women with renal cyst

- A urine and blood test: It is very necessary for you to have the two tests. You should let your doctor know your illness condition and he or she can help you to decide if you can be pregnant. Our online doctor also can give you professional suggestions for free.

- A kidney healthy diet: Low-salt and low-protein diet is basic. Adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your meals. Foods that are rich in high-quality protein and vitamins are good choices.

- Stay away from smoking, alcohol, coffee, spicy foods, poisonous materials and radiative things.

- Take good care of your body in case of catching a cold.

- Keeping a good mood and optimistic attitude.

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