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What to Do If I Have Many Cysts in Kidneys With no Symptoms

2014-07-01 00:02

What to Do If I Have Many Cysts in Kidneys With no SymptomsThere are two types of kidney cyst: Simple kidney cyst and complex kidney cyst. If people have no symptoms, it may be because, they have simple kidney cysts or because the cyst is still too small to cause any symptoms. What should they do if they have many cysts in kidneys but with no symptoms?

1. A regular test

Why do patients with kidney cysts need a regular test? Because either simple cysts or complex kidney cyst are progressive, and if they grow to more than 3-5cm, they start to have kidney damage and then some symptoms or complications will occur. Pain in kidney area, proteinuria, hematuria, high blood pressure, urinary tract infection and even some sleep and skin problem may be caused. Therefore, a regular test to monitor the growth of the cyst is very essential. Generally speaking, such a test can be done once a year or once half a year.

2. A heathy diet

Diet plays an important role in the controlling of the kidney cysts. If patients with kidneys cysts take wrong foods or drinks, especially spicy and greasy foods, they will aggravate their illness condition. In addition, they also have some other restrictions. In general, a low-salt and a low protein diet is required. Sometimes, potassium and phosphorous intake should also vary according to the level in the blood.

3. Proper exercise

The same as diet, exercise can harm or benefit for the cyst. Some bending movements are harmful because they will compress the cysts and may lead to cyst rupture, which is very dangerous for patients. Strong activities that involve physical collisions such as basketball and football are strictly forbidden. However, patients can take some gentle exercise like swimming, walking, biking and jogging.

To sum up, taking measures to prevent cysts from enlarging or getting infected is the most important thing if they have no symptoms with kidney cysts.

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