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How to Drain Infected Kidney Cyst

2014-07-04 04:00

How to Drain Infected Kidney CystKidney cyst is a progressive fluid-filed sac, which may be asymptomatic or harmful for the patient. If it is small and not infected, you can rest assured. But when it grows to a large size or get infected, you need to take immediate measures. Surgery is always recommended to drain the infected kidney cyst. I would like to explain you how this procedure works.

If the cyst is too large and cause some symptoms, surgeries like aspiration and decortication.

You may have a procedure that involves these steps:

1. A doctor punctures the cyst with a long needle inserted through the skin, using ultrasound for guidance.

2. The doctor drains (aspirates) the cyst and may then fill the empty pouch with a solution that contains alcohol; this causes the tissue to harden and lowers the chances of recurrence. Scarring down the space within the cyst is called sclerosis.

This type of surgery allows for a smaller incision and quicker recovery. However, in some cases, a cyst will return and refill with fluid. Your doctor may recommend surgery that entails general anesthesia and a large incision. During the procedure, the surgeon would insert a thin, lighted viewing tube called a laparoscope and other instruments to drain the fluid from the cyst and remove or burn its outer wall to keep it from reforming.

What’s more, due to the remove of bid cyst, small cysts will grow suddenly and rapidly because the surrounding pressure reduces.

You must do not want to see recurrence of kidney cyst and have to do surgery again and again. So I want to recommend you Hot Compress Therapy. It is based on traditional Chinese medicines and is used externally. Compared with western medicines and surgery, it is more natural and effective, because it is not only shrink cysts but also aims at improving kidney function.

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