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How to Control High Blood Pressure With Peripelvic Cysts

2014-07-10 06:08

How to Control High Blood Pressure With Peripelvic CystsPeripelvic Cysts are also called parapelvic cyst, renal sinus cyst or pelvic cyst. This kind of kidney cyst is mostly caused by heredity. About 1%-3% of people who have kidney cysts are diagnosed with peripelvic cysts after 50 years old. Peripelvic cyst is a benign lesion unless it grows to more than 5cm and begin to compress surrounding tissues. High blood pressure is a symptom of enlarges peripelvic cyst.

How does high blood pressure occur with peripelvic kidney cyst?

As mentioned above, when the cyst becomes large, generally more than 3-5cm, it starts to compress the surrounding tissues, especially blood vessels in the kidney. As a result, blood supply cannot meet the need of kidneys. Due to lack of blood, renal tissues will secrete more one kind of hormone that will narrow the blood vessels, and thus high blood pressure occurs.

In addition, damaged kidney function is another cause of high blood pressure. Peripelvic cyst enlarges and damaged kidneys, so the kidneys cannot function well to balance the water and sodium level. As a result, water-sodium retention appear and it will lead to elevated blood pressure.

How to control high blood pressure with peripelvic cyst?

As you have known the causes of high blood pressure with peripelvic cyst, it will not difficult for you to understand that the way to control hypertension is to shrink the cyst as well as improve kidney function. There are several points that you should be concerned:

1. Diet

Spicy and greasy food are absolutely harmful for people with peripelvic cyst, because those food will stimulate the growth of the cyst. What’s more, keep low sodium intake in case of water-sodium retention is also required.

2. Shrink kidney cyst

If the cyst is too large and cause many complications, you can have an operation to remove the large cyst. However, the curative effect is temporary and have sides effects. Here, I have to recommend you to try Hot Compress Therapy. This therapy is based on traditional Chinese medicines. The effective ingredients will improve ischemia and anoxia of the kidney by expanding the blood vessels. Then, the kidney can repair itself and stop the growth of cyst.

As words are limited here, I cannot explain you how does this therapy work on peripelvic cyst. If you want to know more about it, you can contact us.

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