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How Long Can 3.4cm Kidney Cyst Be Treated

2014-07-30 01:35

How Long Can 3.4cm Kidney Cyst Be TreatedNo body wants to suffer from disease, so when they have some problems, they often ask how long can they be treated. Kidney cyst is a natural lesion which is a fluid-filled sac. As you know, all the treatment have the same goal—shrinking the kidney cyst. How long can be 3.4cm kidney cyst be treated? Well, cases are different from person to person. How long the treatment will take depends on your own condition. Thereby, you’d better know symptoms of 3.4cm kidney cyst so that your doctor can give you proper treatment.

Symptoms of 3.4cm kidney cyst

Generally speaking, small cysts cause no symptoms until they grow to more than 3cm. On this condition, people with big kidney cyst will have such symptoms as:

1. Pain: In the early stage, pain may occur in the back, side or abdomen, and it is dull but not persistent. After you have a good rest, you will feel a little relief of the pain. That happens because the big cyst compress the nearby tissue, then it makes people feel pain in the kidney area.

2. High blood pressure: Compression on the blood vessels will increase secretion of certain hormone that is related to high blood pressure in the kidneys.

3. Renal deficiency

When big cysts compress the nearby tissues, they may also cause renal damage because of a long term of ischemia and anoxia in the kidneys. As a result, part of the kidney function will lose, leading to urinary changes, anemia, proteinuria or hematuria, etc.

The above are the common symptoms that people with 3.4cm kidney cyst may experience. Those symptom or other complications such as kidney stone and UTI (urinary tract infection) will lead to a bad prognosis and the time they may take for treatment will be longer.

Treatment for 3.4cm kidney cyst

Traditionally, medication and surgery can both be taken. However, the curative effects are either subtle or temporary. Therefore, I have to recommend you to try Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. What are the advantages of this therapy? Firstly, this therapy is based on traditional Chinese medicines and is applied externally, which can take effects in a short time and get rid of the bitter tastes when being taken orally. Therefore, it has few side effects and more natural than western medicines and surgery. Secondly, it can not only shrink big cysts but also can improve kidney function, which is the most important thing for people with kidney disease.

If you would like to receive this treatment, it will take you about one month here. However, you should let us know your own illness condition firstly. You can leave a message below or email to

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