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Remedies Help To Shrink Renal Cortical Cyst

2013-07-30 10:57

Renal cortical cysts are usually simple interstitial fluid-filled sacs near the outer part of the kidney, called renal cortex. This type of cyst becomes more common as the person grows older. Most often, the sufferers don’t need specific remedies to shrink renal cortical cyst, because they usually don’t cause any symptom or severe healthy problem under control. However, when some of these renal cortical cysts or one of them ruptures, they will bring some serious healthy problems that drive the person to find an effective treatment.

At present, oral western medicines, surgery and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy are three main treatments to help treat renal cortical cyst . Each of them have their own advantages but also have disadvantages.

Oral western medicines for renal cortical cysts are used to control the complications rather than treating the cyst itself. High blood pressure is one of most common symptoms of renal cysts. To keep blood pressure in the normal level, antihypertensive agents are essential. Here, oral western medicines are used to correct patients’ blood pressure and slow down the progression of patients’ condition.

Surgery has an obvious and quick benefit of removing the big renal cortical cyst and reducing the pressure of these cysts on their surrounding kidney tissues. However, it does not prevent all cysts from growing, because without big sacs, the small ones will grows more quickly.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, according to the characteristics of these fluid-filled sacs, aims to shrink them fundamentally. With the help of many kinds of herbal medicines, this treatment is able to improve the permeability of cystic walls and block the supply of sac fluid. Without enough fluid filled in the sac, renal cortical cysts will shrink spontaneously. As a result, patients’ condition and life quality will be improved largely, but this treatment is a progressive remedy, so the receiver should be more patient.

If you are experiencing this type of cyst, you should choose the most suitable treatment for you to shrink renal cortical cyst. In addition, a healthy diet and regular follow up also plays an important role in the whole treatment.

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