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How to Shrink Cortical Kidney Cyst in Lower Pole

2014-09-03 07:06

How to Shrink Cortical Kidney Cyst in Lower PoleKidney cysts is a fluid sacs that can be found in any parts of the kidneys. Because it locates at the renal cortex, the outer area of the kidneys, it is called the cortical kidney cyst. Should you be concerned about it? If so, what can you do to shrink a big cortical kidney cyst in lower pole?

When should you be concerned?

I would like to tell you that the treatment id not universal, and it varies from individuals to individuals. If your simple kidney cysts causes no signs or symptoms and doesn’t interfere with your kidney function, you may not need treatment. However, if your kidney function tests is abnormal, you should take treatments immediately. A ultrasound abdomen can be done periodically to see whether your kidney cyst has enlarged or there is any change.

How to shrink kidney cysts?

1. Home remedies

● Dietary restrictions: You should avoid spicy and fatty foods, foods that are stimulants (like coffee and sodas) and process foods. Next, you should also limit the sodium intake since high level of sodium in the blood will cause or worsen swelling and high blood pressure.

● Chinese herbal teas: Dandelion, corn silks, rhizome of lalang, plantain herb, and poria cocos can be used as diuretic so as to increase the discharge of wastes and toxins, thus preventing the remaining kidney function.

● Fresh vegetable or fruit juice: Cranberry, celery, lemon juice are all good choices since they can provide you with vitamins as well as fight against infections.

2. Medication

The doctor may prescribe you some medicines according to symptoms you have, such as back pain, flank pain, abdominal pain, proteinuria, high blood pressure or urinary tract infection. Be cautious that some medicine are toxic for the kidneys.

3. Surgery

Large cyst can be punctured and drained then filled it with alcohol for shrinking the wall. Otherwise Surgery can be undertaken to remove the cyst. It will depend on your treating doctors decision.

4. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Both medicines and surgery can cause some side effects and they cannot dissolve the cyst forever. That’s why I have to recommend you take this therapy. It is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is used externally, so it is natural for you. More important, it works by improving kidney function, thus it can shrinking the cysts from the root.

I hope you have got your answer from this article. If you have any other questions, you can contact our doctor online for free help.

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