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What Is the Prognosis of Multiple Renal Cysts

2014-09-17 08:28

What Is the Prognosis of Multiple Renal CystsKidney cyst is a round pouch filled with fluid. It is not rare because more than half of people can be diagnosed with one or several cyst in the kidneys. In rare cases, it will cause symptoms and damage your kidneys. However, multiple renal cysts are more serious and require you to pay more attention. To know the prognosis of multiple renal cysts, you’d better know the causes and treatments so that you can get better outcome.


Kidney cyst is caused by heredity or genetic mutation. Infection, trauma during surgery, or medicines, etc can cause cysts on the kidneys. Different causes can lead to different life expectancy and prognosis.

Multiple kidney cysts always manifest in some kidney disease like Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD).

Prognosis of multiple renal cysts

If the cysts are small and cause no symptoms, people can live a normal life as others.

However, if the cysts grow to more than 2cm, they may cause some symptoms such as back pain, flank pain, high blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, enlarged kidneys, and protein or blood in the urine. Under this condition, your kidneys have been attacked because of ischemia and anoxia caused by enlarged renal cysts. People who have lost some kidney functions have a worse prognosis. The prognosis is determined by how much kidney function is remaining.

You can send your test report to, and our experts will analyze it and then give you an exact answer.


No matter what is the prognosis, treatment is always important. Nowadays, doctor prefer to treating renal cyst by medicines and surgery. However, these kind of treatment are negative because they just help you relieving some symptoms instead of improving kidney function. We have been committed ti treating kidney disease by repairing kidney damage and improving blood circulation. Clinical practices prove that our innovative therapies are more natural and effective.

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