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Herbs That Will Remove 20mm Kidney Cyst

2014-09-25 02:16

Herbs That Will Remove 20mm Kidney CystKidney cyst is a round pouch filled with fluid, and it is usually benign. However, when the cyst grows to more than 2cm, it will become symptomatic. If you are diagnosed with 20mm kidney cysts and also want to take herbs to remove it, you can get some suggestions from this article.

Herbs for removing kidney cyst

● Uva-ursi

Uva ursi is also called bearberry, having been used for centuries as a herbal medicine. It contains rich antioxidants, so it is used to treat in various infections. For people with kidney cyst, they may experience kidney infection, urinary tract infection, etc, and uva ursi is beneficial to treat this problem.

● Diuretics

There are many Chinese herbs are used as diuretics. This kind of herb can help the kidney produce more urine so as to discharge more wastes and toxins. Therefore, the cyst fluid can be removed adequately by the kidney. Some commonly used diuretics are dandelion, poria cocos, rhizome of lalang, etc. If these herbs are combined with some therapies such Acupuncture, Feet Bath, Hot Compress Therapy, etc, they will have more obvious effects on patients.

How does Chinese herbs act on kidney cyst?

The herbs our experts have chosen are based on more than 30 years’ clinical practices. The effective ingredients can inactivate the epithelial cells to inhibit the cyst secret more fluid. Meanwhile, the herbs can expand the blood vessels and reduce inflammation to promote blood circulation. Therefore, cystic fluid can be discharged and the kidney can also get more oxygen and blood supply.

You can see that, Chinese herbs cannot only shrink kidney cyst, but also can improve kidney function which is the key to solving your problem.

To summarize, treating kidney disease is not easy and you are required to pay much attention. Any question, you can consult our doctors online or leave a message below.

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