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Treatment for 8mm Kidney Cyst

2014-09-27 02:56

Treatment for 8mm Kidney CystKidney cyst is generally benign at the beginning its diagnosis, because it is small. It has two types: simple kidney cyst and complex kidney cyst. Treatment for kidney cyst depends on the nature, size and symptoms of the cyst. If you have 8mm kidney cyst and seek for treatment, you can get what your want in this article.

● Medicines

Even though medicines may cause some side effects, they are also helpful for relieving some symptoms quickly. In general, 8mm kidney cyst is too small to cause symptoms. However, if you are bothered by some discomforts such as back pain, flank pain, nausea, etc, you can consult your doctors for suggestions.

Hot Compress Therapy

This therapy is an external application based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The micronized Chinese herbs are packaged into two medical fluid bags. Then, the doctor put those medical bags on Shenshu (acupoint in kidney area). It will act on kidney lesions directly with the help of osmotic devices. The effective ingredients will permeated into the kidneys, inactivating the epithelial cells on the walls of kidney cyst. Therefore, it can inhibit the cysts from secreting more fluid.

Meanwhile, the contents of the herbs can expand blood vessels, improving blood circulation. This can accelerate the excretion of cystic fluid. Therefore, it can shrink the kidney cyst naturally and effectively.

● Design a balanced diet

I advise you to avoid spicy and greasy foods like chills, pepper, ginger, garlic, mustard, etc. You can take some other herbs such as coriander to add taste.

Next, keeping low-sodium and low-protein intake. Salty foods are likely to cause water-retention, leading to swelling (edema). Protein should also strictly controlled, especially when the cyst cause kidney damage.

Here are some vegetables and fruits that are good for you, for example, cabbage. Cucumber, lettuce, carrot, cranberry juice, celery, etc.

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