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Are There Any Herbs or Juices That Will Shrink Kidney Cyst

2014-10-03 03:00

Are There Any Herbs or Juices That Will Shrink Kidney CystKidney Cyst is a round pouch filled with fluid. People can be diagnosed with one or several cysts on the kidneys. Do not worry! They are usually benign. Yet, they cannot be ignored when they becomes large and cause some symptoms. Are there any herbs or juices that will shrink kidney cyst? In that cases, I will list some suggestions. Any other help, you can email to or consult our doctors online.

Herbs for shrinking kidney cyst

► Uva-ursi

The other name of this herb is “bearberry”. Its rich antibiotic properties are reported to be good for kidney cyst, since they can fight against infections.

Kidney infection is a common complication among people with kidney cyst, especially when the cyst ruptures or bleeds. In that case, uva-uris is a super herb for shrinking kidney cyst.

► Dandelion

As a kind of Traditional Chinese Medicine, dandelion has been used for centuries as a diuretic. Dandelion tea can help patients increase urine output so as to make the kidneys excrete the cystic fluid.

Juices to shrink kidney cyst

► Cranberry juice

Cranberry is a super fruit with rich vitamins and antibiotics. Other berries like blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, are also good choices for you.

► Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate are known good at reducing blood sugar and glucose level, which can protecting the kidneys from being damaged. In addition, it is also beneficial for reducing inflammation caused by oxidizing reactions. You are recommended to take pomegranate juice each day.


Before you take the above herbs or juices, you should consult your physician about the specific amount that is right for you. Remember, too much is as bad as too little.

Other suggestions

Even though herbs and juices can help you about shrinking kidney cyst, they cannot solve the underlying problem. To get rid of kidney cyst, you should find ways that can improve kidney function. For that purpose, we have some good suggestions. If you want, contact us now. Our online consultation service is totally free.

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