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Pyelonephritis Treatments

2014-10-05 07:32

Pyelonephritis TreatmentsPyelonephritis or called “kidney infection”, belongs to the Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs). When the infection travels from your urethra or bladder up into your kidneys, pyelonephritis occurs.


● Bacteria

When the bacteria invade the urinary tract, they are likely to cause infections. Common sources of bacteria invading the urinary system are the vagina, anus, and skin. Because of the shorter length of urethra in women, urine infection is more common in women compared to men.

● Kidney stones

Kidney stones can pass through ureters, thus can leading to the obstruction of urine flow from kidneys to urethra. As a result, wastes will accumulate in the kidneys and result in pyelonephritis.

● Kidney cyst

Kidney cyst is a round sac filled with fluid. Generally speaking, the cyst is benign. When it grows to large size and cannot bear the surrounding pressure, it may rupture. After the rupture, the fluid in the cyst will flow into the kidneys, causing infections.


There are a variety of treatments available for kidney infection. Typically, a strong antibiotic is started first, one which would be effective in treating all typical bacteria suspected of causing the infection.

Once the actual bacteria are recovered and their sensitivity is determined, then a different antibiotic may be selected if the bacteria show resistance to the antibiotic that was originally started.

Some of the common antibiotics used include sulfanamides (trimethoprim-sulfomethoxazole), quinolones (ciprofloxacin, levafloxacin), cephalosporins, newer generation penicillins, and nitrofurantoin.

However, antibiotics are reported that they can cause some adverse effects. Consult your doctor for the specific dosage. Moreover, do not use this kind of medicine for a long term, because it will harm your kidneys.

We prefer to treating kidney problems by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which is a natural treatment. It can works without any side effects on the kidneys. If you want information about TCM usage, you are welcomed to leave a message below.

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