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Kidney Cyst Is Filled With Fluid Again: What Do You Suggest

2014-10-07 02:58

Kidney Cyst Is Filled With Fluid Again: What Do You SuggestSurgery, as the common treatment for kidney cyst, while helpful, is easy to cause a recurrence of the renal cyst. In that case, I would like to list some suggestions. Anything unclear, you can email to or consult the doctors online directly.

Why can’t surgery remove kidney cyst forever?

Generally speaking, there are two types of surgery: Laparoscopic Decortication and Percutaneous Aspiration. During the process of surgery, the doctor will drain the fluid of the cyst or decorticate big cysts directly to reduce the pressure on kidneys. This can relieve some symptoms but cannot solve the underlying problems.

Alternative medicines for kidney cyst

Our hospital—Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital, has been committed to treating kidney disease by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Based on almost 30 years’ clinical practices and researches, our experts have discovered the most natural and effective Chinese herbs. In fact, various kidney diseases have one common cause, namely, the pollutes blood. Therefore, both medicines and therapies we innovate have the function of expanding blood vessels, reducing inflammation, and degrading extracellular matrix.

As a result, the effective ingredients can inactivate the epithelial cells so that inhibiting the kidneys secreting more cystic fluid. Meanwhile, with fluent blood vessels on the walls of kidney cyst, the fluid can be excreted effectively. What’s more, not only the micro-blood circulation but also the whole blood circulation will be improved, thus supplying more oxygen and blood to the kidneys. Therefore, kidneys can repair themselves and enhance the filtration function.

Our character treatment can be summarized to “Four+Seven Therapy”. Since words are limited here, I cannot explain to you in details. Here are several commonly used therapies in our hospital: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath, Acupuncture, Medicated Bath, Enema, etc. If you are interested in any one of the listed therapies above, you are welcomed to contact us now! If the online doctors are not available, you can leave a message below, and we will reply you ASAP.

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