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How to Slow Down the Growth of Kidney Cysts

2013-04-11 14:22

How to Slow Down the Growth of Kidney CystsFor elder people especially ones above 50 years old, kidney cysts are quite common for them. Generally, small cysts don’t cause any severe healthy problems. However, as these kidney cysts grow, many symptoms may occur to warn sufferers to take effective treatment timely. How to slow down the growth of kidney cysts?

Simple kidney cysts are filled with clear fluid. When some of them become bigger than 4cm or one of them ruptures, back pain, urinary tract infection, high blood pressure, kidney damage, etc, are more likely to occur and worse patients’ condition. At present, no specific treatment can remove these kidney cysts simultaneously in a short time, so the good treatment is to slow down the growth of kidney cysts. As for people with kidney cyst, a healthy diet, scientific lifestyle and correct medical treatment are all obligato.

Avoid the foods or drinks that can prompt the growth of kidney cysts

Foods high in oxalic acid namely spinach, eggplants, beets, etc, alcohol, coffee and chocolate all can increase the growing rate of kidney cysts and put extra strain on the kidneys. Therefore, people with kidney cysts had better avoid these foods.

Arrange a scientific lifestyle

Moderate exercise is able to help slow down the progression of patients’ condition, because it can not only help prevent lower high blood pressure that is a big risk of kidney disease but also regulate patients’ immune system. Walking, jogging, swimming, Qigong, Tai Chi, etc, are all recommended for these patients.

Take correct treatment timely

Until, there are mainly three treatments for kidney cysts: oral western medicines, surgery and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Oral western medicine is mainly used to ease patients’ symptoms. Surgery can remove big kidney cyst in a short time but leave the small cysts alone. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy focuses on all kidney cysts to shrink them in the same time, but it may need a relatively longer time than surgery. Individuals with kidney cysts need to choose the treatment which is suitable for themselves according to their specific condition. If any confusion, you can leave message for us.

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