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What Is the Natural Way to Treat 3.5cm Kidney Cyst

2014-11-16 03:26

What Is the Natural Way to Treat 3.5cm Kidney Cystkidney cyst can be benign or malignant. When they grow to certain size, usually more than 3-5cm, they may cause some symptoms. What is the natural way to treat 3.5cm kidney cyst? I would like to share with you a general guidance, and if you have any other questions, you can email to

A Balanced Diet

Even though no certain food can shrink kidney cyst, a balanced diet can help prevent some symptoms and at least slow the progression of kidney cyst. In general, kidney cyst patients are required to:

-Avoid spicy and greasy foods like mustard, chili, pepper

-Low-sodium and Low protein intake.

-Limited potassium and phosphorous diet

- Avoid tobacco, caffeine, and alcohol

- Drinking enough water

- Take enough vitamins and calories

As for your specific condition, you can leave a message below for detailed suggestion.

A healthy life style

- Be careful not to get cold or over-tiredness, otherwise you may get high risk of cyst infection

- Avoid strenuous activities in case of kidney cyst rupture

- Keep a good mood and build confidence

Natural Treatment Options

-Chinese herbal tea

Dandelion, nettle, corn silks, uva ursi, rhizome of lalang, poria cocos, cordyceps, and so on, can be taken as diuretics. With increased urine output, excessive fluids in the cysts and other wastes can be discharged.

-Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

It is an external application on kidney area. The ingredients can permeate into kidney lesions directly with the help of osmotic device. The active ingredients can improve the micro blood circulation on the walls of cysts so that fluid can be excreted. Moreover, this therapy can inhibit the secretion of cyst fluid by inactivating the epithelial cells on cysts.

As a result, kidney cyst can be shrunk naturally. You will get a better outcome. If you want to take it, you can get free help from our doctors online.

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