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Treatment for 7.9x6x7 cm Renal Cortical Cyst

2014-12-10 07:57

Treatment for 7.9x6x7 cm Renal Cortical CystSeek for treatment for 7.9x6x7cm renal cortical cyst? If you have the similar questions, you should be concerned, and you are fortunate to read this article.

Symptoms of 7.9x6x7cm renal cortical cyst

● Dull lower back pain. Enlarged kidney cyst starts to compress nearby tissues, including the kidneys itself. As a result, the pain can occur in the lower back and can travels up to the abdomen.

● Nausea. Such as big renal cortical cyst will also compress and irritate the stomach, leading to nausea, vomiting, stomach distention, etc.

● Hypertension

About half of people with large kidney cyst will experience this problem. Compression from enlarged kidney cyst stimulate the kidney secrete more renin, which will start the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS), thus leading to high blood pressure.

● Urinary Tract Infections

The big renal cortical cyst can interfere the urine flow. Even a small delay of urine can cause large amounts of bacteria deposit in the urinary tract. Women has a higher risk of infection than men. When infection travels up to the kidneys, it may lead to nephropyelitis, which is a serious condition.

Ways to shrink kidney cyst

● A limited diet. Under such condition, you are not recommended to take high-sodium, and high-protein foods. Alcohol, caffeine and smoking should also be avoided. Yet, you are suggested to take fresh vegetables and fruits.

● Full Bath Therapy

It is also called “Medicated Bath”. The warm medical fluid can help increase the permeability of the cyst wall, in order to eliminate fluid out of the cyst.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

This therapy is a breakthrough and development of treatment for kidney disease. The micronized medicines can act on kidneys directly without causing any side effects. Almost 30 years of clinic practices make us confident for shrinking kidney cyst naturally.

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