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Treatment to Renal Cortical Cyst 20 mm

2014-12-26 01:16

Treatment to Renal Cortical Cyst 20 mmKidney cyst is round sac that can be filled with air, fluid or some solid-like substances. Renal cortical cyst is the most common type of kidney cyst. This article is about the treatment for 20mm renal cortical cyst. Any questions, please email to us at

► Diet

Even though you cannot treatment this kidney disease simply by a diet, it is very helpful for you to keep a kidney-friendly diet to prevent some symptoms. In that case, you are recommended to avoid spicy and greasy foods. Also, alcohol and smoking should be avoided.

If you have experienced some symptoms such as swelling, protein or blood in the urine and high blood pressure, etc, you should also reduce the intake of sodium and protein.

Water also plays an important role in controlling the growth of renal cortical cyst. Drinking plenty of water if you can still urinate normally.

As for specific diet suggestions, you can consult your dietitian or ask our doctors online directly.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

This therapy is a breakthrough of treating renal cyst. It is innovated from traditional Chinese herbs, which are more natural and effective than over-the-counter drugs.

The medicines are processed into extremely tiny powders and are soaked with medical fluid. Then, the medical packages are put under the patients’ kidney area. When the doctor switch the osmotic device, the effective ingredients start to permeate into kidneys through meridians. They can improve the blood circulation on the cyst walls, so as to accelerate the reabsorption and discharge of cyst fluid. Meanwhile, with improved blood stream, the kidneys can get enough oxygen and nutrition to repair the damaged renal tissues, so that kidney function can be enhanced.

As long as the kidney function can be improved, 20mm renal cortical cyst can be shrunk naturally and effectively.

If you have any questions about our treatment, please be free to contact us. We are always glad to help you without any charge.

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