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Can Large Kidney Cysts Return after Surgery

2013-04-15 14:40

Can Large Kidney Cysts Return after SurgeryLarge kidney cysts, pressing their surrounding kidney tissues and causing some severe complications, makes some sufferers accept surgery to remove them. However, can large kidney cysts return after surgery?

When should people with simple kidney cysts accept relevant treatment?

If controlled effectively, kidney cysts don’t cause severe healthy problems, otherwise they are more likely to damage kidney cells and cause some symptoms such as flank pain, high blood pressure and kidney stone. Most often, people who have one or more kidney cysts have to accept treatment when their kidney cysts are bigger than 4cm or they have suffered from some symptoms. Surgery is one of their choices.

Can large kidney cysts return after surgery?

We must affirm that surgery especially laparoscope surgery does have a quick and obvious effect of removing large kidney cysts and relieving patients’ symptoms. However, surgery also has some disadvantages such as infections, bleeding requiring blood transfusion, post-operative pneumonia, rare allergic reactions to anesthesia and death. In addition, surgery only focuses on large kidney cysts and does nothing for the small cysts, so removing larger kidney cysts gives more places to prompt the growth of these small cysts. Over time, these residual cysts grow bigger and bigger, and as a result large kidney cysts come back again.

In view of this, another treatment that can not only shrink large kidney cysts but also inhibit the growth of small cysts is more important. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, compared with surgery, is a conservative treatment that can help us achieve this goal. With the help of traditional herbal medicines, this therapy is able to improve patients’ blood circulation and increase the permeability of sac walls so that sac fluid can be reabsorbed through blood circulation without other fluid supply. As a natural treatment, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy may need a little longer time, so people with large kidney cysts should be more patient.

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