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Medical Advice for 6.4 cm Kidney Cyst

2015-02-25 02:20

Medical Advice for 6.4 cm Kidney CystIn clinic, 6.4 cm kidney cyst is very large and can cause some symptoms. Immediate treatment is needed. I would like to share with your some pieces of advice for 6.4 cm kidney cyst. However, they may not suitable for all patients. As for your condition, you can email to or leave a message below.

Possible symptoms of 6.4 cm kidney cyst

● Chronic and constant pain

Pain may be first sign of 6.4 cm kidney cyst. This large mass occupies big space and will compress nearby tissues. The capsule of kidney is stretched, causing pain in the lower back. It sometimes can radiate into abdomen and groins.

● Hematuria

There are many micro blood vessels of cystic wall. Due to the compression, these blood vessels are under high pressure, and have a high risk of burst. If so, the blood flows out with urine, thus hematuria occurs.

● Kidney function damage

In most cases, a kidney cyst is benign and won’t damage the kidneys. However, kidneys can be damaged due to ischemia and anoxia caused by kidney cyst compression. When that happens, some symptoms such as urine changes, swelling, fatigue, nausea, high blood pressure and proteinuria may be seen.

Medical advice for 6.4 cm kidney cyst

If you are considering to take some over-the-counter medicines to shrink 6.4 cm kidney cyst, you are totally wrong. To shrink kidney cyst, you doctor may recommend you to take surgery, such as percutaneous aspiration and laparoscopic decoction.

However, surgery cannot prevent the cyst from recurring, I recommend you to take traditional Chinese herbs. Our treatment include some oral Chinese herbal decoction and external applications. You can email to, and our doctors can give you specific suggestions, according to your own condition.

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