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Treatment for Pain Caused by 2 Parapelvic Cysts

2015-04-07 08:37

Treatment for Pain Caused by 2 Parapelvic CystsPain is one of the most common symptom of kidney cyst, and parapelvic cyst is no exception. This article is about the treatment about the pain caused by 2 parapelvic cysts.

How does kidney cyst cause pain?

The parapelvic cysts can grow with age or because of some other factors. When they are very big and occupy much room of the kidneys, they will press nearby tissues. Therefore, kidney capsule is stretched and patients feel pain.

Pain management for parapelvic cyst patients

Painkillers may be firstly thought. However, for patients with parapelvic cysts and impaired kidney function, painkillers will cause further kidney damage. Therefore, some patients complain that painkillers do nothing but more problems for them.

To treat pain caused by parapelvic cysts from the root, you should find natural treatment that can shrink kidney cyst and protect kidney function. In that case, I recommend you to take:

-Hot Compress Therapy. This therapy is an external application used on bilateral Shenshu acupoints. The hot bags are filled with micro-Chinese medicines and are soaked with medical fluid. The effective ingredients of the medicines can permeate into kidneys to shrink kidney cyst and reduce inflammation.

-Maikang Composition. It is an oral Chinese herbal decoction. Patients drink each day to promote Qi (energy flow) and unlock the meridians. Therefore, the properties can inhibit the epithelial cells of cyst to secret more fluid. Therefore, it can relieve pain by shrinking kidney cyst.

-Acupuncture. It is used an supportive treatment for alleviating back pain, side pain or even abdominal pain. This is an traditional method used in China for centuries.

The above medicines are only available in China. If you are considering to take these therapies, please leave a message below or email to us at We will reply you within 24 hours. This consultation is for free.

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