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Surgery for 28X21 mm Renal Cortical Cyst

2015-04-12 03:49

Surgery for 28X21 mm Renal Cortical CystSurgery is a common choice made by patients with large kidney cyst. However, this method, while helpful, can still cause some problems. Have 28 x 21 mm renal cortical cyst and want to do surgery? You can get what you want in the following passages.

Types of surgery for 28 x 21 mm renal cortical cyst

In general, surgeries include percutaneous aspiration and laparoscopic decortication are suggested when a big kidney cyst cause problems.

You may have a procedure that involves these steps:

-A doctor punctures the cyst with a long needle inserted through the skin, using ultrasound for guidance.

-The doctor drains (aspirates) the cyst and may then fill the empty pouch with a solution that contains alcohol; this causes the tissue to harden and lowers the chances of recurrence. Scarring down the space within the cyst is called sclerosis.

Will surgery get rid of the kidney cyst?

To be frank, surgery is very effective for shrinking 28 x 21 mm renal cortical cyst. Yet, the cyst is likely to return and refilled with fluid. Most patients see the recurrence of kidney cyst within 6 months and 2 years.

In addition, during the surgery, infection may happen, resulting in further kidney damage.

That’s why more and more patients with renal cyst begin to seek for natural methods other than surgery.

Natural methods for 28 x 21 mm renal cortical cyst

In order to shrink kidney cyst naturally and fundamentally, I recommend you to take, or leave a message below. Our experts will give you some suggestions for free. In our hospital, Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital, we mainly use traditional Chinese herbs. They can not only shrink kidney cyst but can enhance kidney function. Base these medicines, we also innovate several external applications. Up to now, patients from more than 68 countries have been to China for our treatments. Welcome your consultation.

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