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Draining 6cm Renal Parapelvic Cyst By Needle

2013-07-15 11:07

Once a kidney cyst patient consulted us online. I have a 6cm parapelvic cyst in my left kidney. The doctor has ordered a small surgery to drain the cyst fluid with needle. I have no obvious symptoms except dull back pain. Should I have the surgery and is there alternative treatment?

The following are the explanation of our expert. Renal parapelvic cyst is one common type of simple kidney cyst and it means that the cyst is located in the renal pelvis. Small renal cyst causes no obvious symptoms, but the cyst will experience progressive growth ane enlargement. When it is larger than 3cm, patients will begin to show the symptoms and signs of kidney cysts such as back pain, blood in urine, cyst infection, etc. For 6cm renal parapelvic cyst, back pain is very common. Your back pain is dull and you have no other obvious symptoms, this means that your illness condition is controlled well, but you need to have early and proper treatment so as to prevent further deterioration. 6cm renal cyst is very large and it has the risk to get rupture and infections if left untreated.

Draining renal parapelvic cyst by needle is called cyst puncture in clinic and it is widely used to treat renal cystic diseases. It is a small surgery during which a long and fine needle will be inserted into the cyst through the patient’s skin under the guidance of ultrasound. The cyst fluid will be drained out and then alcohol will be injected to harden the affected tissues to reduce the incidence of cyst relapse. Even though, the recurrent rate is quite high because the root problem is not solved and more cyst fluid will be produced. Often the cyst will be re-filled with fluid after a period of time and the patient has to have the surgery once again.

Though cyst puncture has quick and obvious effect, it is not a treatment for renal parapelvic cyst and it will cause some harms to the kidneys if it is repeatedly operated. A more natural alternative treatment for renal parapelvic cyst is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It aims at shrinking renal cysts and repairing damaged renal tissues so as to help improve kidney functions and relieve symptoms from the root.

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