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What Can Be Used to Help Kidney Cysts

2015-06-23 10:57

What Can Be Used to Help Kidney CystsKidney cyst is a fluid-filled sac that can grow bigger and bigger with age. Large kidney cyst will press nearby organs, causing various problems. What can be used to help kidney cysts?

A friendly-diet

♦ Drinking plenty of water. If you can still urinate normally, you are suggested to drink lots of water to flush the kidneys, preventing bacteria invasion.

♦ Fruit juice. Some fruits such as cranberry, cherry, strawberry and pomegranate are rich in antioxidants. They are helpful for killing free radicals, thus preventing inflammations. People with kidney cyst can take these fruit juices each day. Consult you dietitian about the right amount.

Herbal Tea

According to surveys, some traditional herbs including uva ursi, dandelion root, nettle, coriander and Astragalus are helpful detoxing the body and slowing down the growth of kidney cysts. You can take such herbal teas but cannot depend on them to shrink kidney cysts.

Natural treatments

I mean traditional Chinese herbal remedies. We have more than 30 years of clinical practice in this field. Our experts find that the cyst epithelial cells are active to secrete fluid constantly. That’s why kidney cyst grows. Therefore, we choose traditional Chinese herbs that can inactive the cyst epithelial cells.

What’s more, traditional Chinese herbs can dilate blood vessels and degrade extracellular matrixes, thus increasing blood circulation. Thereby, cyst fluid can be reabsorbed into blood vessels, and then can be discharged by kidneys as urine.

Commonly used herbal remedies in our hospital include Maikang compositions, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath and Food Bath, etc. They are all natural and effective for shrinking kidney cyst as well as improve renal function.

If you want to know detailed introduction about those natural treatments, please do not hesitate to contact with us. The online service is free.

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