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Remedies For A Renal Cortical Cyst

2013-07-30 10:25

Renal cortical cyst is one common type of simple kidney cyst and it means that the cyst is located at renal cortex area. The prognosis of renal cortical cyst is good and it usually will not affect kidney functions if patients take good cares.

When the renal cortical cyst is larger than 3cm and if the cyst begins to cause symptoms and discomforts to the patients such as back pain, flank pain, abdominal pain, urinary tract infection, bubbles in urine, blood in urine, etc. It is recommended that regular checks and early treatment should be sought.

Remedies for renal cortical cysts include drugs and medicines to alleviate symptoms, surgeries and Chinese medicines.

Drugs and medicines can be used to ease the symptoms and control complications of enlarged renal cortical cyst. But they can not prevent further enlargement of the cyst, therefore symptoms often will re-appear when the medicines are stopped. Drugs and medicines are only symptomatic remedies and they can not solve the root problem.

Surgeries for removing a renal cortical cyst include cyst puncture and laparoscopic decortication. Cyst puncture is to use a fine needle to drain the cyst fluid out and then inject alcohol to harden the affected tissues. If the aspiration method fails, laparoscopic decortication can be used to cut the cyst and the recurrent rate is much reduced. Even though, the cyst often recurs after a period of time. Because the root problem is not solved, the cyst fluid will be produced continuously, that is why the cyst will become larger and larger and surgery can not completely treatment the disease.

Chinese medicine remedy is more effective because it can not only act on the renal cortical cyst, but also can act on the epithelial cells of the cyst wall so as to block further secretion of cyst fluid. Therefore further enlargement of the cyst will be prevented. What is more, when the cyst is shrunk, it is not easy to recur. Another advantage of Chinese medicine over surgeries is that it is natural and causes no harms to the kidneys.

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