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What Are Natural Remedies for Elderly People with Kidney Cyst

2015-12-09 08:24

What Are Natural Remedies for Elderly People with Kidney CystIt is not rare to hear that elderly people often complain they have kidney cyst. With its growth, it becomes painful and symptomatic. In the case, treatment will be necessary and doctors may recommend aspiration or other surgery. However, some natural remedies are also helpful. What are natural remedies for elderly people with kidney cyst?

For the question, we get professional guidance from kidney expert team who from Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital-the largest kidney specialized hospital in China. The specific suggestions are listed below.

1. Drink enough water or fluid juice

If you have large kidney cyst but can still urine normally, water can increase your urine output for flushing urinary tract and removing out more wastes and toxins. From the point, water can help deal with patients’ kidney infections. Some fruit juice like berry juice rich vitamin C is also a good chioce to prevent urinary tract infection.

2. Give up unhealthy habits

Smoking, doing strenuous exercises, overdosage of painkillers, heavy cleaners, etc will produce extra wastes and toxins in our body that can stimulate kidney cysts to enlarge quickly. Therefore, if you have one habit to use one of them, try to stop it.

3. Natural Chinese Herbal Medicine-Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

I. Slow down the growth rate of the cysts. The root problem of forming cysts in kidneys is the phenotypic transformation of the epithelial cells and the continuous secretion of cystic fluid. Active ingredients in the treatment can inactivate the abnormal cells and inhibit further fluid secretion so that the cysts will stop growing.

II. Shrink the cysts to ideal size so that the cysts. On the one hand, the active ingredients in micro therapy can soften the cyst wall and increase its permeability so that the fluid in the cysts can be re-absorbed into the surrounding blood vessels. On the other hand, these medicines can improve blood circulation and increase blood flow in the kidneys so that these cystic fluids will be taken away with blood circulation. As a result, cysts on the kidneys can be shrunk little by little.

To get the natural medical treatment, you need to come to our hospital that in China. Any further help, please don’t hesitate to contact with us: or Whatsapp +8615226572289!

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