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Can Kidney Cyst 2.4*2.4cm Be Improved

2017-01-11 10:41

Can Kidney Cyst 2.4*2.4cm Be ImprovedKidney cyst is a structure disorder. And the risk of getting it rises with age. Can kidney cyst 2.4*2.4 be improved? What treatment is necessary? Can it develop bigger?

According to our professional doctor, the kidney cyst 2.4*2.4cm can be improved easily. And actually, it is not an emergency to treat it with the medical method. Only some lifestyle changes and natural treatments can help to prevent the development.

Lifestyle changes.

Drink some water. Cyst in 2.4*2.4cm will not cause swelling. So drink more water, but not too much. It can help you eliminate the toxins inside your body, avoid further damage.

Do some exercise. Asking your health care provider for what kind of exercise can you do. Regular exercise can strength your body, muscle, and immune system. It can also avoid the development of the kidney cyst.

Vegetables and fruits. This food can provide you Vitamin, microelement, and mineral substance. These elements can keep you away from diseases, keep health.

Avoid alcoholic beverage and smoke. Do not stay up late. Keeping a regular lifestyle can not only give you more energy but also improve your health.

This method we suggest above can help you stop the development of the kidney cyst, but if you want to shrink the cyst, or you have a severe kidney cyst such as 5.0*5.0cm or more than that, we suggest you the natural therapy to help you shrink your kidney cyst without side-effect.
Medical treatment

Hot Compress Therapy is a Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment, it can help patients dilate blood vessel and promoting local metabolism which can help patients recover. It also has the function of reducing high blood pressure, help the medicine work on damaged kidney tissue directly to repair it. It has the function of shrink the kidney cyst without side-effect.

How to Operation:

2 to 3 times per day, hot compress with Chinese medicines on bilateral Shenshu acupoint (BL23), the short course is 7 days, the long course is 49 days. It is easy to learn and can be operated in the home.

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