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Does 4.2cm Symptomless Kidney Cortical Cyst Require Surgery

2013-05-03 09:54

Kidney cortical cyst is one of the most common type of simple renal cystic disease. 4.2 cm renal cortical cyst is large and it usually will cause symptoms to the patients such as back pain, abdominal pain, urinary tract infection, fever, secondary infection or even hydronephrosis.

In case of these symptoms, some drugs and medicines that are used to control these symptoms will be prescribed by the doctors besides regular follow-up checks. If the symptoms can not be controlled by these drugs, surgeries will be necessary. Surgeries that are available for kidney cortical cyst are mainly cyst puncture or laparoscopic decortication.

But some patients can have no symptoms at all. Kidney cortical cyst is a progressive disease with the continuous enlargement of the cyst. Usually when the cyst is larger than 3-5 cm, patients will experience obvious clinical symptoms.

For 4.2 cm symptomless kidney cortical cyst, early and proper treatment should be sought to prevent further enlargement or at least slow down the growth rate of the cyst. Since the cyst causes no symptoms at all, there is no need to have surgery. Surgery can remove the cyst within short time, but often the cyst will reappear after a period of time and the surgery will definitely causes some injuries to the patients. Therefore surgery is not recommended if patients have no symptoms at all or if the symptoms can be well controlled with medicines.

There is a natural alternative treatment for symptomless renal cortical cyst---Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is an external application of herbal medicines. Active ingredients in herbal medicines can penetrate into the kidneys and act on the renal cysts. Since renal cortical cyst is located at the outer part of the kidney, it is easier to be treated than cysts in other parts of the kidneys. Further enlargement of the cyst will be stopped and the cyst will be shrunk little by little so that surgery can be avoided.

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