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Treatment for Numerous Cysts in Kidney

2013-05-15 16:33

What is the treatment for numerous cysts in kidney? If there is only one kidney cyst and meanwhile the cyst is small, no medical treatment is needed and what we can do is to put it under observation to see if it is enlarging. If yes, surgery can be applied to remove it. Surgery is the most common and direct way to treat big cyst growing in the outer part of kidney. However, in some cases, patients are found to have numerous cysts in kidney. These cysts enlarge over time and may give rise to kidney failure finally. Well, in such a case, what to do to protect kidney function from being affected?

Surgery treats big kidney cyst by draining cyst and then calcify cystic wall, which can help to prevent the reoccurrence of cyst. It is an effective treatment and show quick and radical treatment effects. However, if there are numerous cysts in kidney, surgery will not be a long-term solution, as clinic experiments show when big cysts are removed from kidney, there will be enough space for small kidney cysts to enlarge.

Actually, kidney cysts enlarge due to the increase of cystic fluid, so as long as cystic fluid is reduced effectively, kidney cyst will be shrunk and kidney damages will be avoided effectively. Clinic studies found when kidney cysts enlarge, pressure inside the cyst is very high. As known to all fluid flow toward the side with low pressure, so as long as we lower pressure outside the blood to the level lower than that inside the cyst, cystic fluid will ooze and consequently, kidney cyst gets smaller. This treatment method is aims at all the cysts at one time; hence compared with surgery, it is more preferable and effective for people with numerous cysts in kidney.

As for the medicines that can help to shrink kidney cyst, micro-Chinese medicine is recommended. This medicine has function to extend blood vessels, improve blood circulation and prevent coagulation. With these benefits, blood pressure outside the cyst can be decreased and fluid inside the cyst can be reduced effectively. Micro-Chinese medicine causes no side effects and what is more, kidney function can be improved with it. Therefore, if anyone with numerous cysts in kidney still has not found a better solution, he/she can have a try about this treatment method.

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