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Chinese Medicine to Shrink Kidney Cyst 8.2cm

2013-05-20 15:42

My CT report shows a big cyst in my left kidney is 8.2cm, but I don’t want to remove it through surgery. I hear Chinese Medicines have an obvious effect of shrinking kidney cysts, so I want to know what Chinese medicines I can use. Just like this patient, many other people with large kidney cysts try to shrink their cysts with the help of Chinese herbs.

Why do so many patients pin their hope on herbal medicines?

The reason is that no specific remedies in western medicine can achieve this goal without any risks and pain. We know surgery and oral western medicine are two main methods to control large kidney cysts. Surgery is used to cut off the large kidney cyst but stimulates the quick growth of small cysts and causes some dangers. As for oral western medicines, they are mainly used to ease patients’ symptoms. For example, ACEI and ARBs are two common anti-hypertensive agents to lower patients’ high blood pressure. However, eating these medicines, you may find these symptoms may come back at any time. Since both surgery and oral western medicines can’t satisfy patient’s need, more and more people turn their focus to Chinese Medicine.

How do herbal medicines help treat kidney cyst?

Different from western medicines, all herbal medicines come from natural plant, leaf, stem, root and flower. In China, herbal medicines have a history of 5,000 years. Tested again and again, some herbal medicines are proven to be effective, convenient and natural for kidney cyst treatment. Individuals need different medicines. To make sure you can get correct medicines, you had better tell your condition to the doctor in detail so that they can help you make a correct treatment plan. Here, we would like to first introduce two herbal medicines: semen plantaginis and cogongrass rhizome. Both of them can help prompt the reabsorption of sac fluid and remove more wastes from the body.

Never hesitate to take correct treatment, because the later you take treatment, the larger your kidney cysts. Ask help from the online doctor! They will give you suggestions in detail.

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