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Cortical Cysts in Right Kidney: Diet and Treatment

2013-05-21 09:23

Cortical Cysts in Right Kidney: Diet and TreatmentMost of cortical cysts, no matter in right kidney or left kidney, are filled with clear serous fluid, so they are commonly benign non-neoplastic mass. The danger from a renal cortical cyst is that, with its growth over time, it will replace more and more kidney normal function. To avoid this, people whose US reports a comment on renal cortical cysts must hope to slow down or even stop the growth of these cysts through a scientific diet and natural treatment.

Even though the exact cause of cortical cysts is still unknown, it’s believed that these cysts arise from tubular or lymphatic obstruction. Additionally, people over age 50 have a higher risk of living with one or more renal cortical cysts. Generally, the healthy kidney can work normally with up to 5 kidney cysts. However, as one cyst grows larger and larger, it will impair kidney intrinsic cell. Then, high blood pressure, back pain, hematuria, urinary tract infection, kidney stone, and some other symptoms are more likely to occur. This reminds us of that it is the time to follow a healthy diet and natural treatment.

Learn to make a scientific dietary plan: To prevent the continued growth of cortical cysts in right kidney, individuals need to make some dietary modifications and give up some bad habits. After so many years’ clinical research, some foods are proven to be effective and natural for slowing down the growth of kidney cysts, while some other foods may accelerate the rate of cysts’ growth.

Communicating with people who have this kind of cyst, you may find most of them consume more cranberry, celery, cabbage, pure water, etc, to control their condition, and at the same time, they also avoid spicy foods, salty and processed food, coffee, alcohol, cocoa, chocolate, and so on. If you are suffering from cortical cysts, the above aspects are also suitable for you.

A natural treatment: Generally, people don’t need any specific treatment except regular follow up and a healthy lifestyle, if their cysts are smaller than 3cm. However, once one cyst in either right or left kidney is larger than 3cm or it has caused some symptoms, a natural treatment, called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, may be needed to shrink these cortical cysts. In addition, some assistant therapies such as medicated bath and acupuncture are also helpful, according to individuals’ specific condition.

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