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What Does Yellowish Discharge Mean for Multiple Kidney Cysts

2013-05-23 18:47

Why Does Yellowish Discharge Mean for Multiple Kidney Cysts"I have a cyst on each kidney: one on the left 3.1cm and one on the right 1.3cm. Now, I just have a bit discomfort with yellowish discharge. I want to know what yellow discharge mean for people with multiple kidney cysts and whether there are some natural remedies to manage it.” Recently, one person consulted in our website.

Even though not all people with kidney cysts have yellowish discharge in their urine, I believe some of them do have such a symptom. If you also have this symptom, read on to find the answer you want to know.

The cause of yellowish discharge in multiple kidney cysts

Most of kidney cysts are simple and harmless, if all of them are smaller than 3cm without rupture. However, as some of them develop bigger and bigger, they are more likely to cause some symptoms such as urinary tract infections and kidney cyst rupture, both of which can lead to yellow discharge.

Natural remedies to manage this symptom

Urinary tract infection is the most common cause, so the following methods to prevent or treat urinary tract infections are needed.

1. Wear only underwear made of natural fabrics

2. Use only high-quality personal hygiene products

3. Maintain good personal hygiene

4. Be careful during sexual intercourse and protect yourself

5. Drink more water. Generally, you are recommended to drink 8 glasses of water so as to clean your urinary tract.

6. Use antibiotics which has an obvious effect of treating urinary tract infections.

7. Eat more fruits. Some fruits like cranberries are proven to be effective and natural to prevent and treat urinary tract infections. Drinking a glass of cranberry juice or eating some cranberries one daily, you can find you get a lot of benefits from it. Leanr more about " arrange a healthy diet for renal cyst".

The above methods can help ease yellowish discharge caused by big kidney cysts, but it may recurrent are any time, because big kidney cysts are still there. If you want to live healthier, a treatment that can help shrink your kidney cysts should also be sought. Herbal medicine may be one choice. You can learn more this medicine before using it.

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