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Effective Treatment for People with 10cm Kidney Cyst and Fatigue

2013-05-24 09:50

Effective Treatment for People with 10cm Kidney Cyst and FatigueGenerally, simple kidney cysts won’t cause any symptom unless some of them are bigger than 3cm or one of them ruptures. 10cm kidney cyst is much larger than 3cm, so it is more likely to impair kidney functioning cells and cause some symptoms. Fatigue is one common complaint of people who have large kidney cysts. Without enough energy to focus on anything, these people are eager to find out how to treat 10cm kidney cyst and fatigue.

How does so big kidney cyst affect the kidney function?

Our kidneys are great organs that are responsible for not only filtering blood but also keeping electrolyte balance and secreting some hormones such as EPO. However, with the growth of kidney cyst, it will replace more and more kidney normal tissues. When the kidney functioning cells are damaged badly, they can’t do their job optimally. The lack of EPO in the body will lead to low red blood count, resulting in anemia and fatigue.

How to deal with large kidney cyst and fatigue?

Some people think surgery is the only way: Western medicine have an obvious effect on treating active disease and injury, so it uses surgery to remove big cysts and oral medicines to ease patients’ symptoms. However, surgery also removes a part of kidney functioning tissues and cause some risks such as the fast growth of small kidney cysts and infections.

Some other people insist to shrink their kidney cyst through TCM: After many years’ research, herbal medicines used to shrink kidney cysts have been proven to be effective and natural. Through increasing the permeability of cyst walls and blood circulation, more sac fluid will be discharged from the body via blood circulation. As fluid in cysts becomes less and less, big renal cyst will shrink spontaneously. What’s more, herbal medicines have a great benefit of boosting patients’ immune system and easing their fatigue. For herbal medicines in detail, you can consult the online doctor directly for free.

Individuals with kidney cysts all have their own opinions. If you are suffering from 10cm kidney cysts and fatigue, you can choose surgery or herbal medicines according to your specific condition.

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