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Renal Cortical Cyst: Symptoms and Treatment at pkdclinic

2013-07-30 10:52

Renal Cortical Cyst Symptoms and Treatment at pkdclinicRenal cortical cyst, commonly arising from renal cortex, affects many people’s normal kidney function. To help these people control their cysts well, nephrologists at pkdclinic would like to talk about renal cortical cyst symptoms and treatment in detail, today.

Renal cortical cyst symptoms

Most cortical cysts grow slowly with time: 3.9 mm per year for <50 years old and 1.8 mm per year for > 50 years old. This is why many people go through their entire lives without ever knowing that they have a cortical cysts. However, in some cases, these cysts can become bigger than 3cm and even grow up to 10 cm. With big cysts, people are easy to suffer some symptoms:

* Abdominal mass and pain- large cysts can cause obstruction or hydronephrosis

* Hematuria- usually due to urinary tract infection or bleeding cysts

* Hypertension- a sign of enlarged renal cortical cysts

* Frequent urination- it happens when enlarged cortical cysts affect the renal tubular function.

If you have one or more symptoms the above mentioned, read on to find out a correct treatment suitable for you.

Treatment options at pkd clinic

*Maximum conservative management: When patients’ cortical cysts are smaller than 3cm, pkdclinic recommends this treatment including food therapy and a healthy lifestyle. Low salt and low protein are the general diet requirements for people with renal cortical cysts. In addition, consuming more fruits such as cranberry and celery, and avoiding alcohol, coffee, smoking and chocolate are also useful. Learn to live a healthy life with the nephrologist’s guidance.

* Surgery: If you have large symptomatic cortical cysts, surgery is one of your choices. With a needle, fluid in large sac can be removed from the body.

* Herbal medicines: These medicines, compared with surgery, focus on all renal cortical cysts both large and small. Through inhibiting the secretion of sac fluid and prompting the reabsorption of existing sac fluid, al of your kidney cysts can shrink gradually. The key of this treatment is to use correct medicines.

Any questions about symptoms and treatments of renal cortical cysts, feel free to leave a message or send email to so that nephrologists here can give you suggestions in 48 hours.
You can like what cause of Renal cortical cyst

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