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Multiple Cysts in Left Kidney

2013-06-22 15:57

Multiple cysts in left kidney found via ultrasound or CT scan may be a frightening transition for your life, even though they are still silent and asymptomatic. Are multiple kidney cysts serious? How can we deal with these cysts? The answer is decided by the type of these cysts.

If your multiple cysts are simple, take it easy

Simple kidney cysts can be solitary or multiple in one or two kidneys. Fortunately, simple cysts usually grow slowly. In most cases, they are smaller than 2cm. Only in rare cases, they can grow bigger than 10cm. What’s more, these cysts commonly cause no symptoms, so you don’t need any specific treatment except for regular examination and a healthy lifestyle unless one of your cysts are bigger than 3cm or you have had some symptoms.

With simple multiple cysts in left kidney, follow-up examination every three or six months is recommended for you. Therefore, your doctor can detect the size of kidney cysts, whether these cysts are damaging your kidney tissues or if you need other treatment.

A healthy lifestyle and a scientific diet plan is considered as the most natural remedy to control simple kidney cyst small in the size. However, besides low protein, low salt and quiting alcohol, smoking, coffee and beer, other requirements for your diet should depend on your illness condition. Therefore, you are suggested to tell the online doctor your condition, so they can help you make a suitable diet plan.

If your multiple cysts belong to Polycystic Kidney Disease, take it seriously

It is reported that about 50% of people with Polycystic Kidney Disease have kidney failure by age 60. If you have PKD, you may lose your kidney function gradually with the growth of kidney cysts. In this condition, only depending regular examination and diet can’t work very well. Generally, the earlier you take correct treatment to shrink your kidney cyst, the better your condition.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has helped many PKD patients shrink their cysts successfully. I believe this is why this therapy is so popular all over the world, even though it is still not understood fully by some westerners. If you want to dry up your kidney cysts and avoid kidney failure, you can try it.

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