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How to Deal with 4cm Renal Cyst

2013-03-18 09:22

Deal with 4cm Renal Cyst Recently, I always feel back pain, so I went to hospital to do a test. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with 4cm renal cyst last week. How to deal with 4cm renal cyst? Is it a big risk to my healthy? Yesterday, one patient asked me. I know many other people also suffer from this question, because they can’t make sure when to deal with their renal cyst. Therefore, today we are here to give these patients a detailed answer.

When to accept treatment?

Simple renal cyst is a common disorder for us especially the elder. Generally, the small cyst doesn’t need any specific treatment, because a healthy lifestyle and regular examination is enough to control patients’ condition. However, when one of these renal cysts grows too big or they have caused some severe complications, such as back pain, urinary tract infections, high blood pressure, etc, patients have to accept some treatment.

What does 4cm renal cyst mean?

If your renal cyst has increased into 4cm and some symptoms have occurred, it means you had better accept some specific treatment. The reason is that 4cm renal cyst is enough big to oppress its surrounding kidney tissues and then it is more likely to cause back or lower side pain. If uncontrolled timely, big kidney cyst can lead to a heavy loss of kidney function.

How to deal with 4cm renal cyst?

Here, we recommended surgery and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Surgery has a quick effect of remitting patients’ symptoms and removing big cysts. However, there are some dangers during the surgery and removing big cysts will give more places to small ones, so these small cysts will grow more quickly. As a result, patients may fall into a vicious circle between renal cyst and surgery.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, compared with surgery, is a conventional treatment. It focuses on all renal cysts. With the help of oral and external application herbal medicines, it is able to improve the permeability of cystic walls and block the source of sac fluid supply. After a period of treatment, these renal cysts will shrink largely.

If you have renal cyst that is big than 4cm, you had better choose some treatment to deal with your renal cyst. Any follow-up questions about how to deal with 4cm renal cyst can be asked, through consulting online or leaving your message in the form below.

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