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How to Drain 5cm Parapelvic Cyst Naturally

2013-07-15 11:06

How to Drain 5cm Parapelvic Cyst NaturallySmall parapelvic cyst, if left uncontrolled, may progress to 5cm or larger. In most cases, 5cm parapelvic cyst is enough big to compress surrounding tissues and cause some symptoms such as back pain, kidney pain and blood urine. At this time, finding an effective treatment to drain large parapelvic cyst is urgently needed.

Conventional treatments for large parapelvic cyst

Most of parapelvic cysts are simple kidney cysts, so their treatments are quite similar. To drain large simple kidney cysts, cyst aspiration, injection of sclerosant, western medicines and surgery, as conventional treatments, are used commonly.

However, because of the location and characteristics of parapelvic cysts, the former two treatment options are usually not recommended. Therefore, only western medicines and surgery can be used in the past to manage large parapelvic cyst.

Western medicines are mainly used to ease patients’ symptoms. For example, painkillers are used to relieve patients’ severe back or kidney pain, and antibiotics are often prescribed for kidney cyst infections and urinary tract infection.

Surgery is used to remove sac fluid in parapelvic cyst, thus shrinking it. With the help of surgery, the pressure on kidney tissues from large cysts can be reduced largely, alleviating patients’ symptoms. However, after surgery, the cysts are more likely to be filled with fluid again.

The advanced therapy to drain parapelvic cyst naturally

This relatively new therapy, called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, is based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Compared with the above treatments, this therapy can not only drain fluid from the cyst but also inhibit the secretion of sac fluid. Therefore, patients’ parapelvic cysts can be shrunk without recurrence. This is why more and more patients with large kidney cysts prefer to choose this advanced treatment.

No matter which treatment you want to take, remember that choosing a therapy that is suitable for you is best. Any question about the above treatments, you can leave a message or consult the online doctor directly.

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