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Can A 5.8cm Kidney Cyst Dissolve by Itself

2013-07-04 11:13

Can A 5.8cm Kidney Cyst Dissolve by Itself

Are you bothered by 5.8cm kidney cyst? One patient tells me that he just had a CT scan that showed he has a 5.8*4.8*4.6 cyst in the upper pole of the left kidney, but his doctor just suggests him to get a check every six month. He wonders whether a 5.8 kidney cyst can dissolve by itself. If you have a similar experience, you can consider the suggestions from kidney experts at pkdclinic.

Simple kidney cyst is one of most common kidney disorder, and its incidence increases with people’s age. In most cases, simple kidney cysts are not cancerous and they are asymptomatic when small in size. Therefore, when people’s cysts are smaller than 3cm, the only thing they need to do is to take follow-up examinations and develop a healthy lifestyle.

However, as watery liquid fills in kidney cysts constantly, they may easily lead to more and more symptoms. Generally, without outside forces, kidney cyst can’t dissolve by itself. At present, for large and symptomatic cysts such as 5.8cm, what we can do is to drain them gradually with the following methods:

Develop a healthy diet: For people with kidney cyst, low protein and low salt are basic dietary requirements. In addition, avoiding chocolate, alcohol and beer is essential because they can prompt the enlargement of kidney cysts. Of course, a personalized diet plan should depend on patients’ specific condition. Therefore, if you have your recent test report in hand, you can send it to, so the dietitian at pkdclinic can help you make a diet plan in detail for free.

Natural herbs: Since most of kidney cysts sufferers are relatively elderly, none of them want to bear the surgery. Therefore, they prefer natural remedies. Herbal medicines give them a new hope. During the whole treatment, some herbs, such as plantago asiatica and lalang grass rhizome, are used to increase the permeability of cystic walls, thus prompting the reabsorption of sac fluid and draining these cysts, while some other herbs like cordyceps sinensis can play an effect on not only preserving the remaining kidney tissues but also improving patients’ kidney function.

As long as your 5.8cm kidney cysts or larger are shrunk, you can live healthy and asymptomatic again. Never miss the best treating time. If you want to get natural remedies, you can consult the online doctors or leave a message to them.

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