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Chinese Herbs for Parapelvic Cyst

2013-07-15 10:49

Chinese Herbs for Parapelvic CystWhat Chinese herbs can help treat parepelvic cyst? Recently, quite a number of people with parapelvic cyst have consulted a similar question. This is because surgery at present is the only available treatment for large parapelvic cyst, but it can do nothing to small cyst. Chinese herbs give them a new hope.

How does Chinese herbs help treat parapelvic cyst?

Parapelvic cyst usually arises from renal sinus. As one type of simple renal cyst, parepelvic cyst is also filled with fluid. The continuous fluid supplement leads to the cyst enlargement, thus causing back pain, blood urine, compression or obstruction to renal pelvis.

To treat parapelvic cyst, Chinese herbs mainly have two effects. One effect is to increase the permeability of cyst walls to prompt the reabsorption of sac fluid. The other is to stop fluid from filling in these parapelvic cysts. After many years’ research, some herbal medicines are proven to have such effects. Here, we would like to first introduce two herbs.

1. Lalang grass rhizome

Lalang grass rhizome, along with plantago asiatica, is quite common in traditional Chinese medicine to treat simple renal cyst as well as parapelvic cyst. Through enhancing the permeability of cystic walls, more and more sac fluid can be discharged from the body via blood circulation. As a result, parapelvic cyst shrinks gradually.

2. Rhizoma sparganii

In parapelvic cyst, there are specific cells, called cystic epithelial lining cells. They are responsible for secreting sac fluid to enlarge kidney cyst. Rhizoma sparganii is proven to be effective on inhibiting the secretion of these cells. Therefore, regular use of this herb can prevent the growth of parapelvic cysts.

Of course, during the whole treatment, many other herbal medicines are also needed to assist the above medicines. However, the detailed medicines and dose should depend on patients’ specific condition. If you have parapelvic cyst and hope to shrink it, you can leave a message to tell us the size and number of your cysts, so we can help you make a helpful treatment plan. Any question about parapelvic cyst, feel free to tell us.

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