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Should I be Worried with 7cm Kidney Cyst

2013-03-18 12:40

Kidney cyst is a common fluid collection in kidney and in many cases, patients are told there is nothing to worry about. That is true, because small kidney cyst usually cause no influence on kidney function and no medical treatment is needed to deal with it. However, if your cyst has a large size like 7cm, you need to be alert.

What are the harms of 7cm kidney cyst?

1. 7cm kidney cyst can affect your kidney function and thus bring you lots of discomforts like back pain (flank pain), high blood pressure, fatigue and anemia and so on. What is worsen, without effective treatment, your kidney problem may deteriorate to kidney failure.

2. 7cm kidney cyst is very large and ruptures easily. It may rupture because of a mild knock on your kidney location. When kidney cyst ruptures, kidney infection and peritonitis occurs easily. Therefore, in your daily life, you may need to pay much more attention to your kidney location, so as to avoid unnecessary problems.

What to do with 7cm kidney cyst?

At present, only two methods can be adopted to deal with big kidney cyst. One is surgery and another is Chinese medicine.

Surgery: surgery is the most conventional medical method. It removes cyst quickly, but it is painful and risky. Therefore, many patients do not want to do surgery. In addition, surgery only can be adopted to deal with big cyst in the outer part of the kidney. If your cyst grow inside the kidney, surgery will not be recommended, as it may damage renal blood vessels and thus cause more serious illness condition.

Chinese medicine: Chinese medicine treats kidney cyst by shrinking cyst in kidney. Chinese medicine takes Chinese herbs as the major material. It is more natural and safer, but compared with surgery, Chinese medicine shows treatment effects slower.

7cm kidney cyst is a large cyst and without treatment, more health tissues will be caused. So to avoid unnecessary problems, getting kidney cyst treated as quickly as possible is very necessary.

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